~ Regeln vom Kosmosinsel ~

NB: You don't need to know the rules to play the game. This page is only intended for players who want to understand a bit more how it works.

NB: Time and dates are based on UTC.

- Your character gains 1 promotion point
- Your character's main fleet gains 20 new ships
- Your character's other fleets gain 2 new ships each
More details:
Total number of ships
owned by the character
New ships gained each day
for the main fleet
New ships gained each day
for secondary fleets
3000 and more51

RankPromotion points requiredNumber of fleets allowed
Rear admiral42
Vice admiral83
High admiral325
Fleet admiral646

- You will be allowed to create a new fleet each time your character is promoted or looses a secondary fleet (if the main fleet is lost, the character dies).
- A new secondary fleet must be created with at least 50 ships. As the ships are taken from the main fleet, that means that the main fleet must have at least 51 ships.

- It takes 12 hours for a fleet to move from a zone to neighbour zone.
- A warp card can be used to move instantly a fleet from a zone to neighbour zone.

- Strategic cards (marked with a clover icon on the map) are collected by the first player connected to the game after his fleet has reached the card's square. They can be used by any fleet of the player, not only the fleet that collected them.
- When a strategic card appears on the map, its points value is chosen randomly between 1 (no effect strategy) and 9 (maximum effect strategy).
- When a character dies, his cards are not lost. His successor will inherit them.

- When 2 enemy fleets meet, a skirmish begins. If the fight lasts at least 12 hours or involves at least 3 players at a same time, the skimirmish turns into a battle.
- Skirmishes and battles remain active 12 hours after a cease fire.

> Experience points (XP):
- 1 XP point is given to each fleet remaining on the battlefield after a cease fire.
- When a fleet is destroyed, its XP points are lost.
- The maximum XP points by fleet is 10.

> Strategic points (SP):
- You can play only one strategic card per fleet, per skirmish/battle and per day.
- When both sides draw the same strategic card value, both cards are discarded.
- Strategic points do not cumulate between allies, so only the best card from each side is kept. Lower cards are discarded.

> Ship class points (CP):
- Ship class points represent the power level of each ship, according to its class.
- Battleship = 1 point, cruiser = 0.5 points, and flagship = 2 points.

> Power balance:
- The power balance percentage is calculated based on the number of ships, the ship class points (CP), experience points (XP) and strategic points (SP). Strategic points are very important in the calculation, so a small fleet which draws a terrific card can turn the face of a battle!

- When a character's main fleet is destroyed, his remaining secondary fleets (if there are) are considered as orphans. They flash on the map.
- The ships from an orphaned fleet are collected by the main fleet of the first player from the same side connected to the game after his main fleet has reached the orphaned fleet's square.

- If there are only enemy fleets over a planet, its resistance level goes down.
- If there are no enemy fleets over a damaged planet, its resistance level goes up.
- If there are friendly fleets and enemy fleets fighting over a planet, its resistance level stands still.
- When the resistance level of a planet reaches 0%, the planet is conquered.
- The resistance level can go up from 0% to 100% or down from 100% to 0% in 24 hours.
- The planet's stationed fleet gains 2 new ships (cruiser class) each day.

- Fezzan is a special planet, upper rules don't apply to Fezzan.
- Fezzan is a neutral planet, there can be no fight in Fezzan starzone.
- The Free Planet Alliance and the Galactic Empire pay tribute to Fezzan: they both give 2 cruisers to Fezzan each day, just like they do with their own planets.
- As long as a fleet stays in Fezzan starzone, the new ships supposed to be gained each day (when the player connects) by this fleet are given to Fezzan as a tribute.
- More rules coming soon!

When all the planets are conquered by one side (FPA or GE), the Galaxy is unified.
In this case:
- Remaining fleets from losing side become partisans. They gain access to uncharted zones and to their secret headquarters hidden somewhere in the Galaxy. The secret HQ cannot be taken by the enemy. The Fleets hidden in the uncharted zones can only be seen by their allies.
- For the wining side it's peace time. Military expenses are reduced, with only 5 new ships per day for a main fleet, and 1 per day for a secondary or a stationed fleet.
More details:
Total number of ships
owned by the character
New ships gained each day
for a main fleet
New ships gained each day
for a secondary fleet
3000 and more20
- This special mode keeps going until the losing side reconquers a planet.